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November 24, 2021

Email Forwarding

From now on, you can forward incoming emails directly from the conversations in Overloop.

Click the "Forward" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the email, set the new recipient, and forward the email.

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October 21, 2021

Big Update: Conversations and More

Prospect.io becomes Overloop and brings you new CRM features: conversations, 2-way sync with your mailbox, web forms, new workflows and notifications, etc.

Conversations and 2-way Email Sync

Your sending addresses became email accounts and can now also be used for receiving emails in Overloop. In other words, you get 2-way sync of the connected mailbox.

What does it mean for you? No more need to switch to your email client to keep up the discussion with the prospect – you have the whole thread in Conversations: easily accessible, well-organized, with all the data available.

Conversations are linked to prospects, their organizations, and their deals. You can switch between the email thread to the prospect's panel or a deal in one click.

More Collaboration Options 

  • Notes and mentions. Add notes to your conversations and mention your teammates. They will receive a notification about the mention to review the conversation or follow up with the prospect.
  • Transfer conversations. Assign conversations to you or any teammate in your Overloop account. This is the most effective way to sort incoming messages and give your team a clear understanding of who is working on what.
  • Shared inbox. Create a shared inbox for your team email addresses and let all your team members use it in Overloop. This is especially useful for email accounts like contact@, info@, or sales@.

New Notifications

Enable notifications to know when a new conversation starts in your private inboxes, the team's shared inboxes, or when there is a new conversation assigned to you.

Web forms

Overloop's web forms make it easy to collect contact information from prospects and store it directly in your CRM. Customize the forms to gather the information you need, with over 1,000 predefined form fields.

You can share a form via a link or even embed it on your website and instantly start conversations with your visitors.

Overloop Email

We introduced the Overloop email address. Simply forward your emails to this address and they will appear in your CRM with all the data automatically created (prospect, organization, etc.)

Example of the Overloop email address.

Conversation-based Workflows

Having introduced conversations, we also add more options to automate your job.

Create new conversation-based workflows to automatically send replies, reassign or archive conversations, create new tasks, etc.

No more dashboard

From now, you'll land on the Conversations page whenever you log in to your Overloop account. We let you concentrate on what really matters – communicating with your clients and closing deals, with no distractions.

Feel free to try out all of our new features. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support team at support@overloop.com

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August 11, 2021

More Enrollment Triggers

We've added more options to automate the enrollment of your prospects (organizations, deals) and make your workflows even more flexible and customized.

The new options include events that are happening to other types of entities in Prospect.io.

For example:

  • Enroll prospects when their organizations are updated, added to a list, or a new note is added to their organization, etc.
  • Enroll deals when the prospects linked to them open an email, or a new prospect is added to the organization linked to the deal, etc.

Explore the new triggers for each of the workflow types (prospect-, organization-, or deal-based).

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August 06, 2021

Merge Branches in Workflows

We've just added an option to merge the YES and NO branches after a Conditions step in your workflows. It will save your time when building workflows and eliminate the unneeded copy-pasting.

Just add "Go to step" (can be found in the Building Blocks section) at the end of the branch and choose the destination step in the other branch. When prospects (organizations or deals) reach this step, they'll be forwarded to the selected step of the other branch and will continue there.

Limitations: "Go to step" must be the last step of the branch. To avoid infinite loops, you can't choose the destination step in the same branch or before the Conditions step.

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