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November 06, 2020


We've been working hard on releasing a big improvement in the platform. We just shipped the Organizations! For you, it means opening the door to account-based prospecting...

From now on, companies that your prospects work for are not just an information field of the prospects, but a separate instance in Prospect.io. You can find the Organizations page above the Prospects page on the menu.

Organizations can help you implement an account-based prospecting instead of the lead-based one.

How exactly does it change your work?

  • Prospects from the same organization are grouped. You can see the list of all prospects in an organization on the organization panel.
  • You can store more details about companies in the custom fields for organizations.
  • You can add separate contact details (address, email, phone number, etc.) for an organization itself, that don’t belong to any of its prospects.
  • Add notes to the whole organization or to certain prospects in it.
  • Create tasks for the whole organization or for certain prospects in it.
  • Have a “helicopter view” of your activity with an organization and all its prospects in one place.
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