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July 14, 2021

Prospect.io on Mobile

The mobile version of Prospect.io is now available to you!

We've designed the mobile version of Prospect.io to give you quick access to your sales assets – deals, tasks, prospects, and organizations – at any time, from any device.

The mobile app is available via any mobile browser and automatically adapts to perfectly fit the size of your device (tablet, smartphone, etc.).

What can you do with the mobile version?

Deals: access existing deals (both open and closed), create new deals, move deals to the next stages, mark them as won/lost, etc.

Tasks: access existing tasks (both pending and completed), create new tasks, mark them as done.

Organizations: view your organization list, create new ones, edit, add attachments, enroll in workflows.

Prospects: view your prospects list, create new ones, search for email addresses, edit, add attachments, enroll in workflows, send emails.

Limitations of the mobile version

Workflows, reports, and account settings are currently available only on the desktop version.

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