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Feature update

Manage Tasks Directly from the Contacts page

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Shared by Vincenzo • November 03, 2022

We've added an option to edit or delete tasks directly on the contact's, organization's, or deal's page — no more need to navigate to the Tasks page and search for the needed task.


Multiple Tracking Domains

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Shared by Vincenzo • November 03, 2022

Does your team use email accounts with different domains? Or do you manage the outbound activities for different clients in the same account? We have good news for you :)

Now you can set up a separate tracking domain (CNAME records) for each email domain that you have connected to Overloop.

For example, if you have 2 email addresses – and john@domain2.comyou can set dedicated tracking domains for domain1 and domain2.

Navigate to Settings > Deliverability to see all email domains connected to your account and to set up the CNAMEs for them.

New feature
New product

LinkedIn Automation

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Shared by Vincenzo • November 03, 2022

Automate your LinkedIn outreach with Overloop!

Connect your LinkedIn account and send profile views, connection requests, and messages on LinkedIn directly from Overloop.

You can create new campaigns specifically for LinkedIn outreach or combine the LinkedIn steps with your existing email campaigns.

All LinkedIn messages that you send via your Overloop will be available on the Conversations page. Overloop tracks the replies and, just like with email replies, we can automatically stop the follow-ups for those contacts who reply to your messages.

More info on LinkedIn automation is in our Knowledge Base.